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Beaches and creeks in Ibiza

Dalt Vila

Ibiza Port

Ibiza is a melting pot of tradition and the latest trends. Due to the size of the city, Ibiza has many ports, both hidden and at the foot of the iconic Dalt Vila Wall. Perfect places to get lost with just one foot off the boat. 

Platges de Comte

Comte Beaches

Comte Beaches are made up of two pleasant coves, Cala Conta and Racó d’en Xic, facing several islets that provide beautiful views from the cove. The beauty of its landscape  makes it a must-visit.

Benirrás Creek

Benirrás Creek

Famous for its crystal clear waters, spectacular sunsets and a hippie tradition on sundays that consists on sounding the drums. In the summer months there’s also a hippie market every day from midday to evening 

Xarraca Creek

Wilder and less busy than its sisters south of the island, this creek is one of the most beautiful to visit on your Ibiza holidays. Its flaming rocks contrast with the emerald water. Drop your stuff on the shore and dive into this underwater oasis without a second thought.

Ses Salines Beach

Ses Salines Beach

Located in the south, facing Formentera, this beach is the embodiment of the spirit of Ibiza. The atmosphere is overwhelming due to the DJ booths in the cool beach bars; but also, there is an sense of calm in the small creek, making this beach the perfect mix of both, the Ibiza of the night and the wild and natural Ibiza.

Saladeta Creek

Saladeta Creek

Undoubtfuly one of the most special spots in Ibiza, which makes it a really popular place. This white-sand beach with turquoise waters has a wide area to lay the towel, and stone fishing huts at the side. The cove is isolated, but a narrow path along the rocks allows the visitor to get there from Cala Salada. 

Es Vedrá Island

Es Vedrá Island

Although less well known, Ibiza is the place of all mysteries and legends. Uninhabited, the island of Es Vedrá is a famous mass of rock sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. While some claim it could be a lost piece of Atlantis, the continent that disappeared; others claim that the famous Egyptian pyramids were built from pieces of this rock, as the limestone is thought to contain a huge concentration of energy.

Cala D'Hort

D’Hort Creek

From the first light of day, the sun’s rays hit the immaculate cliffs. Lie down on the stone and let yourself warm on contact with it. The days on the beach of Cala d’Hort are often scorching. You come early, before the sun is at its zenith, or in the late afternoon, for golden hour, when the islands of Es Vedra and Es Vedranella are adorned with champagne reflections. The best way of exploring is with a snorkel and mask to witness what goes on underwater.

Espalmador Island

Espalmador Island

Privately owned, but publicly accessible, this tiny island, which is almost entirely in its natural state, it’s a place to escape the crowds, and indulge, even if just for the day, in simpler pastimes. Home to some of the most sublime beaches in the Balearics, its ethereal beauty attracts everyone. But you don’t need to have a superyacht to enjoy its charms, you can take a boat ride from Ibiza or Formentera and enjoy for the day

Monuments and museums in Ibiza

Museo Etnográfico

Etnologic museum of Ibiza

Located in a typical Ibizan building, a rural house in Puig de Missa marked by cubic shapes and African air, there is an exhibition where you can discover what life is like in the Balearic Islands. A unique opportunity to discover the charm of this town, its people, its culture and the traditions that have marked its history. All under a panoramic view that also contemplates the arrival of tourism to the islands and the strong sociological changes that it entailed.

Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila

Punics and Romans made this space their acropolis and the Arabs established the Almudaina (government residence) and the Castle (military barracks) in it. The enclosure itself, with towers on each corner, recalls the structure of the Islamic “qars”, which were fortified constructions that were the last defensive redoubt of the city. This castle housed the seat of the Government of the island practically throughout its history, which gives the place an undoubted relevance.

Ibiza Castell

Ibiza Castell

This beach, with more than 500 m long, will fulfill all your wishes: fine white sand, transparent waters that at the whim of the sun take on turquoise or emerald tones and a sandy seabed on which you will appreciate the fishes, stretches of rock and posidonia.You will find it between the beaches of Ses Canyes and Llevant, separated from the salt flats of Formentera and the pond or Estany Pudent by a huge strip of dunes. An area of great ecological value that is part of the Ses Salines Natural Park in Ibiza and Formentera.

Beaches and creeks in Formentera

Sa Roqueta Beach

This beach, with more than 500 m long, will fulfill all your wishes: fine white sand, transparent waters that at the whim of the sun take on turquoise or emerald tones and a sandy seabed on which you will appreciate the fishes, stretches of rock and posidonia, located in an area of great ecological value that is part of the Ses Salines Natural Park in Ibiza and Formentera.

Llevant Beach

Long, sandy and peaceful, Llevant beach is a retreat where you can kick back and relax whilst looking out over some amazing views of Ibiza. Probably, there will be nudists on this beach; however, sand dunes do provide shelter in which people tend to stay. If you are planning on swimming or enjoying a water sport on this beach, please be warned that the strong winds here do create currents.

Ses Illetes Beach

It is located on the peninsula of Es Trucadors, in the northern part of the island of Formentera. Famous for its wonderful pink beach. This particular coloration is given by the union between the fine white grains of sand and the residues of coral dust that emerge from the sea. The name Playa de Ses Illetes means “beach of the small islands” in Catalan: in fact, nearby we find six tiny islands.

Es Pujols Beach

One of the quieter beaches in the island. The shell-shaped beach is literally four steps from the town with the same name. It has more than half a kilometer of walk along the shore and consists of several urban beaches.

Migjorns Beach

Located on the south of Formentera, it’s the longest beach in the island, and it’s made up of many different coves, rocky and sandy areas. the shore can vary every season because the winter currents, which can surprise visitors with new areas that come and go.

Saona Beach

It is known for being the jewel of the western coast of Formentera, being the only sandy beach that is hidden between the cliffs that dominate the entire southwestern part of the island. Unlike the open beaches on the rest of the island, it is a cove, a small inlet flanked by cliffs. In addition, you can enjoy one of the best sunsets on the island. 


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