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Don’t take the risk and get your cancellation insurance now

Aren’t you sure in case something happens before the event?

If you get the insurance, ask for the official coverage and read it carefully.

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Serious illness or serious bodily injury (family members included)

Are you afraid that you or one of your family members will fall ill during the trip? Thanks to our insurance you can get your money back if that happens.

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Planned surgery

Do you need to have surgery during the event and you just found out? Don’t worry, you’ll get your money back if you have our insurance.

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Theft of documentation or luggage, within the departure area

Are you going to take the boat and suddenly you realise your documents have been stolen? You may lose your documents, but not your travel money, as we will refund it if you have the cancellation insurance.

Official requirements (competitive examinations, polling station, courts, some legal formalities, etc.)

Do you have an important appointment with a public body and can’t make it to the trip? Don’t worry, our cancellation insurance covers it.

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Failure in more than 50% of your university subjects

You have failed a lot of subjects and now you need to study… Then you’d better use our insurance and you won’t lose your money.

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Extension of coverage (no cancellation)

1. Theft and material damage of the luggage.2. Early return of the insured person due to death or hospitalization of a family member and return ticket.2. Early return of the insured person due to death or hospitalization of a family member and return ticket, as well as subsistence expenses for a family member.3. Expenses for extension of the insured person’s hotel stay (including Covid).4. Emergency dental expenses.5. Costs of handling lost/stolen official documents.

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